Travel REPORTS that accommodation website Airbnb is now a $25 billion business have spurred Tourism Accommodation Australia into taking action to try to regulate the booming industry.

IT WAS supposed to be the holiday of a lifetime, but now a Brisbane couple is facing a bill of more than $1 million after their baby was born prematurely in a Hawaiian  BOEING’S shiny new 747-8 planes have a potentially dangerous problem.  TWO hackers have scored a million frequent-flyer miles each on United Airlines for finding security holes in the airline’s computer systems.
TRAVELLING the world, working odd jobs, staying in hotels and sleeping on couches might seem like a strictly gen Y kind of thing, but this Australian family did it with a toddler MENTION ‘Priceline’ in Australia, and everyone will assume you mean a pharmacy.
AIRBNB has shot into the headlines this week, for all the wrong reasons.
I KNEW this was going to be a fun trip as soon as we landed off our QF bird at Los Angeles airport when the longest stretch disco Hummer I’d ever seen was our next mode of  OUR spectacular planet has so many wonders to explore. For the brave and adventurous traveller, there are even some places that are worth an arduous journey to a remote or SICKENING new video showing Russian backed rebels rummaging through the wreckage of flight MH17 in Ukraine is “enormously significant” and a game changer for
FOREIGN Minister Julie Bishop has described never-before-seen footage from the MH17 crash site as “sickening”.THIS is not a dusting of icing sugar. It’s the full pavlova.  BELIEVE it or not, the surreal spots mentioned in this list do exist — not just Photoshopped images or a figment of your imagination. Get ready to have your mind blown, with THEY look lifeless, far from happy and struggling to survive. WHEN Gloria Huang’s father found her lying on the floor of her room foaming at the mouth, he gathered her up, ran to the car and drove her to hospital.
SERIOUSLY, though. How unlucky can you get?
PAUL KEATING has delivered a trademark kick up the pants to the hotel industry warning operators they were stuck in the 80s and 90s. IT RAINED the entire week you were at the beach except for the last day. But when you look back on the trip, you remember fun in the sun. How come?
ETIHAD Airways has apologized to a Scottish family after airline staff prevented a red-headed teen with a naturally pale complexion from boarding, saying she looked